I set Frank Barcelona on Fire: Alina Orlov I PATIOO Monoroom

Dec 16, 2021 - Feb 10, 2022

I set Frank Barcelona on Fire

Video & Light installation



''I set Frank Barcelona on fire'', a site-specific installation that will include video projection, glass sculpture and lighting ; All together culminating in an environment.


The gallery space will be transformed and inspired by the cabin of Baba Yaga, the witch from Slavic mythology. Opening the metal gate, one will enter the witch’s house, made of glass. The gallery will be divided into 3 different spaces (3 chapters) and the audience will be drawn through the spaces so as to match the journey of the character within the video. In the center of each space, a few glass objects appear frozen in time.


In the video we meet a female protagonist, a nomad, in a stage of in-between, waiting and walking. The open spaces populating the video are utilized as backgrounds and backdrops, similar to a theatre stage. It is a fantasy composed of the different stops mid-journey the protagonist encounters. In this journey, the different stages of a relationship are witnessed as the characters look for something, expecting to find home, only to discover this home is violent and toxic. At the last stage, she encounters 2 witches who help her to burn the relics of this misadventure...