I set Frank Barcelona on Fire: Alina Orlov I PATIOO Monoroom

Jan 22 - Apr 23, 2022

Alina Orlov

I set Frank Barcelona on Fire

Video  installation



I Set Frank Barcelona On Fire is a series of video installations. This work presented at Nouvelle Vague Art Spaces is a part of that series. Here the video and a glass spoon correspond to one another. 

In the video we meet the female protagonist, a nomad in a stage of in-between, waiting and walking. It is a fantasy composed of different stops and encounters along a journey. In this journey the different stages of a relationship are witnessed as the character looks for something, expecting to find home, only to discover this home is violent and toxic. At the last stage, she encounters two witches who help her to burn the relics of this misadventure. 

The glass spoon in this space is a transformation of the one that appears throughout the video. By appearing in both the video and in the space, it becomes a visible echo. Through fire and heat glass is malleable and moving - always able to change.

Installation Views