A new era for artistic exposure

Reyes Seijas, SG Plus, Oct 16, 2020

''Camila and Firouz Farman-Farmaian land in Sotogrande, setting in motion a new trend for gallery owners, far away from big cities and focused on a more personalised, exclusive concept.

The opening of Patioo, the new exhibition space in Sotogrande, was preceded by this summer’s exhibition by curator Camila and the Iranian contemporary artist Firouz Farman-Farmaian at the Santa María Polo Club. The new gallery, dedicated to supporting and promoting contemporary art, aims to welcome renowned international artists to exhibit their conceptual artwork in a single space. To ensure exclusivity and personalised service, the gallery can be visited by appointment only.

The world is changing, and transformations can be seen everywhere from work and social relationships to priorities, all geared safety and sustainability, in this case, of art. The woman behind the opening of Patioo is Norwegian-New York conceptual artist Anne Katrine Senstad. Her exhibition, The Sensory Chamber, with original sound by JG Thirlwell, will be displayed at the new gallery until 17 December and consists of a sensorial video installation and a light sculpture calibrated for the exhibition.
Not only is the single space concept a twist on the traditional gallery: Patioo also represents the new concept of decentralisation of art. Galleries which, despite being located far from big cities and the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle, continue to guarantee exposure through virtual exhibitions, viewing rooms, etc''