PATIOO by Camilla & Firouz FarmanFarmaian With The sensory Chamber by Anne Katrine Senstad,Taking experiential Art to th

Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia, Rome Central, Oct 23, 2020

''When Camilla and Firouz invited me to create an installation for the first exhibition at their new Monoroom project Patioo in Sotogrande, Spain I thought it would be meaningful as a response to our times, how we have all lived through confinement, solitude, quarentine and a new heightened awareness of our bodies, our cellular systems and our mental and emotional health, and I wanted to recreate it in the new context and expand on the installation in response to the new human condition we are currently facing; the era of the great human and environmental crisis, and simultaneously bring some meditative beauty to the word as well . The sound composition is by the acclaimed composer and musician JG Thirlwell , envelopes the body in concert with the visual experiences of the piece . I think as a result of the prolonged quarentine, we experience physical and neurological sensations and sense external atmospheric changes differently now than before the pandemic , so I thought it would be very interesting to create the new version of the installation for Patioo in context of all the new facts and observations, and that could complete it to a fuller extent. I think during the time of the quarentine and after , we appreciate nature more, the sound of the sea and fresh air. Since we are going through a mass trauma now globally, especially in the US due to the added political issues there, I think the contextualization of The Sensory Chamber in today’s world allows the viewer to absorb and just sit with the colors away from the world, and experience the purity of blue color hues and the vastness of the soundscape. The spatial installation is in essence about perception. Perception of space, of time, of ourselves, of light and sound. I’m very excited to show it at Patioo Monoroom as the inaugural exhibition there and as the third version and elaborated version of it . We also included a sculptural work in dialogue with the experiential installation, Babel no 8, which is based on the idea of the dispersing of human connectedness, through use of the readymade, Bauhaus and constructivist materials, representing modern societal issues and the idea of the utopic. The sculpture represents the architectural shape of a tower, yet also is perceived as an illusion of form. The colors overlap blue tones, darks greens, flourescent and mint greens and create new tonalities on the overlapping and reflections of colors.''