Firouz Farman Farmaian turns to virtual reality for Frieze London Digital

Olivia Melkonian, Jdeed Magazine, Oct 7, 2020

''This Friday, curated by WE R THE NOMADS and digitally produced by NOUVELLE VAGUE ARTSPACES VR multidisciplinary Persian artist Firouz Farman-Farmaian will exhibit online and in-person at Palais Aziza Marrakech. TRACES VR is the virtual reality display of Farman-Farmaian’s 2020 Retrospective set to debut online on the occasion of Frieze London 2020, and on display in person until February 2021.

Inspired by impressionism from an early age and growing up around his grandfather, architect Abdol-Aziz Mirza Farmanfarmaian, one should not be surprised at the artists’ many talents. Throughout the recent lockdown, Farmanfarmaian found interest in and subsequently designed his first VR exhibit. The online exhibit will feature an art-video, as yet unreleased, titled TRACES SOUNDWALK that will augment the reality of the viewer through a combination of sonic and visual elements. Middle Eastern art specialist Janet Rady, Curator and Art Advisor Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia and Palais Aziza director Daniela Skopnik will make up the panel of guests presenting the exhibit.''