Marbella's own Nouvelle Vague

Vivon O'Kelly, Bright, Jun 18, 2020

We talk to Firouz FarmanFarmaian, the nomadic artist and gallery owner who, with his wife Camilla, are changing the cultural scene in Marbella.

Some people leave a footprint wherever they walk, and both Firouz and Camilla, are among them. His journey has taken him from his native Iran, which he left as a political exile at the age of four, to Paris, Marrakesh and Marbella as places of residence, to Finland in search of his Nordic roots and on to London, Dubai, New York and Washington, among other world capitals, as an artist exhibiting his work.

Home, for this unusual couple, is where they feel it, where Firouz can look back over his life so far, untangle the thoughts and experiences he gathered along the way and express them as extraordinary works of art, and where Camilla can dedicate herself to doing what she does best: curating exhibitions.